About Us

PM Command is a leading consulting organization in the field of project management.
The company primarily operates to meet the customer demand of Greater Toronto area, Ontario, Canada. PM Command has been established in 2009 with a strong foundation and background by a leading project management professional, Lal Vishwanath, PMP certified in 2003. Lal has extensive experience in the area of project management, both in consulting and training with many years of experience in Telecom, Government and Banking industry.

Over a short period of time, PM Command has made couple of PMP certified professionals by providing structured training and is targeting to grow rapidly. The Board, management and employees of PM Command continually work together to deliver results to our clients and to have a positive impact within project management community.

Our growth profile is expected to grow exponentially within next five years. We are committed to delivering responsible and sustainable growth to all our stakeholders.

Our Strategic Objectives
PM Command is focused on delivering long-term value and superior service to our stakeholders. Our goal is to provide a high quality service with low cost and achieve high rate of returns. Our operational excellence shall be governed by core principles of economic discipline and professional conduct.